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Teen Health Manuals for Health Educators, Counselors, Nurses and Outreach Professionals

Our Publications
Health manuals for health educators, parents and teens.


Adolescent Health Promotion and Pregnancy Prevention:
A Training ManuHealth Educators
By Julie Kodicek RNC, BSN
and Linda Levin MA


The goal of this training manual is to:
Enlighten &
adolescents to make healthy and
 appropriate life choices.

Our primary goals are:
Teen pregnancy prevention
Drug and alcohol prevention
Suicide prevention
through teen support and outreach.

The Adolescent Health Promotion
al for 

 and Pregnancy Prevention
training manual is most effective
when teens are involved in
discussion and interaction within
a safe environment and with a
respected mentor.

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My Baby Manual
By Linda Levin MA
and Eileen Bropson RN


My Baby Manual contains
practical information
which will benefit every
young parent including the following: 

- an easy to read manual
covering a baby's
first year of life

- question and answer techniques 

- an English and a
Spanish translation

- questionnaires and forms
for practical use for the parent

- simplifying a sometimes
terrifying situation

- raising a baby with self-confidence

- understanding the infant and mother 

- providing the appropriate
measures for ultimate
safety and basic newborn care
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Help I'm Moving Out On My Own!
By Linda Levin M.A. and Deborah Bateman
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 This is a must have handbook for any student or young adult leaving home. These tips and life lessons are important to review with parents or have as a tool when you are living on your own.

10 Challenges for Parent and Teen Survival
By Susan Rothery MEd


The teen world is a
foreign country for most
parents, and some teens are
finding it impossible to share this new journey with their parents.

10 Challenges
for Parent and
Teen Survival

addresses those subjects
that have caused the most
controversy between the
thousands of parents
and teens.

Challenges are a part of life, but they can’t begin to be addressed unless teens and parents learn how to communicate and listen to each other.

Creating a strategy for discussion also means that:
there needs to be a plan
• people have to be
willing to change,
• and that despite the
differences in opinion
 there always needs
to be hope…

Talk about what might work. Agree to disagree. Just begin.
It’s time to start over!
Find out how…

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